App Update (6th August 2015): Multiple playing positions

We at PlayPal have been listening to feedback from our valued users (you!), and trying our best to improve our app to provide the best experience to all our football loving fans. And today, PlayPal Football has just released an app update which does just that!


Improvements include:


  1. Multiple position support
    If you are your team’s true utility player, you can now update your profile and choose to be a ‘Defender/Midfielder/Forward’! Current version will still show just a single position, but the change will be reflected in your Profile page in our upcoming major update. :)
    updating to multiple positions
  2. Goalkeeper position change
    Previously, many users had mistakenly chosen Goalkeeper as their position and are unable to switch it to an outfield position. In this new version, GKs can now go to their profile and update to an outfield position!
  3. Easy viewing of ratings and rankings
    Players can now access their rating history and ranking directly from their profile page.
    linking from profile page to rating history
    linking directly from profile page to player rankings

Our next update will be an even bigger one, packed with exciting features such as Teams and Matches. You will be able to create and join teams, challenge other teams to friendly matches, and record down all the match statistics! More details coming soon so watch this space!

Team PlayPal – Your Football Pal

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