Less mistakes. More wins.

For all you football warriors out there trying to outdo your opponents in 5-a-side on the pitch, we are pretty sure this is a good read.


18 Mistakes You’re Making When Playing Five-A-Side

Find out the common mistakes players make when playing 5-a-side football and know tips on how to overcome them. Less of these mistakes and you could be on your way to greatness on the football pitch.

Common mistakes when the PlayPal folks play?

  • Standing still on the pitch
  • Moving slowly between attack and defence
  • Losing your focus and your cool
  • Being selfish and going it alone
  • Being slow and dwelling on the ball

Will definitely be heeding the pointers to see how far it can take us in getting one over our opponents.

Have a read to find out more and apply the tips to see how you fare on the football field next time!

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