Football pre-match preparation

Blanc pecks Barthez’s head.

Ronaldo stares at himself lovingly in the changing room mirror.

Toure enters the pitch as the last player.

Kaka starts praying before the ball is kicked.


Image credit: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images










Common sights you may say of the above if you have been following and observing closely the beautiful game of football. For these are some of the interesting pre-match rituals footballers adopt as they ready themselves for a game.

But what goes on even before these pre-match rituals? Is 8 hours of sleep the best way to gear up or should you be slurping down that pack of energy gel for the additional boost to strike the ball past the opposing goalkeeper?

Today, we share with you from FourFourTwo Performance on football pre-match preparation featuring Wayne Rooney as we find out how the professionals do it.








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