5-a-side football – Positions that matter

Positions for 5-a-side football?

This question can perhaps be puzzling to some of you who play. Logic dictates that since the playing field is smaller, fluid and interchangeable positions (aka Total Football) should be adopted by players as they play the game on the 5-a-side pitch.

However, if Dene (author of Five-A-Side Football Coach blog) were to have you believe, organising players around specific positions in your 5-a-side team is perhaps what your team needs most (as compared to Total Football) if you wish to defeat that next opponent.

Goalkeeper, sweeper and striker. These are 3 roles key to your 5-a-side team battling it on the pitch. As to why there’s no room for midfielder among the key roles in 5-a-side football or what traits players should possess for each key role?

Check out and read our featured article from Dene to find out.

5-a-side football crucial positions


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