**Latest Update 13 Feb 2015: All 12 team slots for our Kickoff Festival – Youth Challenge has been taken up! Team PlayPal thanks everyone for the overwhelming response. Teams can still fill in the form to register, but will only be placed under a Reserve list.

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4 thoughts on “Registration

  • Greetings.
    I came across your Facebook page with regards to this competition and decide to gather a few players and join.
    I understand that the slots are full and I called in and was told to register anyway.
    We are just a group of people with a common interest in soccer who come together for some casual soccer game.
    Hopefully it is not too late to join in the fun.
    Be glad to hear a reply from you.

    Muhammad Ilham Bin Zulkifli
    Contact: 90915615

    • Hi Ilham,

      Thank you very much for the interest in our Kickoff Festival! As the 12 teams have already been filled up, we will have to first place your team under the reserved slots. We will update you with regards to the status closer to the date of the festival. :)

      Team PlayPal

  • Hey i signed on for this a few days ago but i didnt receive an email. My friend team who signed later than me, received the emAil? :/

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