Rules & Regulations

Registration of Players

  1. Team Managers/Captains shall undertake the responsibility of ensuring the health and well-being of their Players competing in this Tournament.
  2. Each team shall comprise a maximum of eight (8) players (5 players & 3 Reserves). The Team Manager will be allowed to play only if they are also registered as a Player.
  3. Only players’ whose names are registered in the Registrations Forms/Team line-ups are allowed to play in tournament/match.
  4. Teams are refrained from making changes to the team line-up after registration form has been submitted. However, for any change request, please contact us at Requests will be subject to approval.
  5. Change/Replacement of players on the actual event day/date will not be accepted.


  1. All players in a team must belong to the same Corporate Organisation.
  2. Corporate Organisation refers to all commercial, public/private and social organisations and includes – but not limited to – business entities, public/government statutory boards or agencies, associations, societies, not-for-profit organisations. For teams which do not fall under any of the above, they may still be accepted into the tournament subject to approval at PlayPal’s sole discretion.
  3. No player is permitted to play in more than one team in the Tournament.
  4. Teams with unregistered Players being fielded will be disqualified from the Tournament.
  5. All Games must be played according to the fixtures and no postponement is allowed.
  6. All Participants/Team Managers/Captains are required to report at the registration counter with their NRICs/Identity Cards & Corporate IDs to confirm their teams’ registration and attendance. Captain’s Briefing will be conducted before the start of the first match.
  7. The decision of the Referee appointed by the Organising Committee on any question of interpretation of the rules arising in the course of the tournament shall be final.

Format of Play

  1. One period of 8 minutes per match. (No intervals).
  2. Teams should report to the match official for their matches, 2 minutes before their match begins. Announcements will be made accordingly.
  3. Each team requires minimum of 4 players on court to start a match. Referees will start the match with no delays.
  4. If a match at full-time ends in a draw, no extra-time will be given and it will be recorded as a draw during the Preliminary Group Matches.
  5. Tournament format of play is subject to adjustments depending on final number of teams registered.

*Competition Format Updated!!*


  1. 11 teams will compete in a league format.
  2. Each team will play 10 matches against every other teams
  3. Points are used to rank the teams within a group. Three for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.
  4. In the case of a tie in table points standing, and/or determining the two third-placed teams to advance to the knockout stages, final positions will be determined by the following, according to the order below, first being Goal Difference:
    • Goal Difference
    • Highest Goals Scored
    • Result/s between both Teams
    • Coin Toss (1st & 2nd)
  5. There will be no knock-out Stage.
  6. Top 3 teams after all 10 rounds of matches will be crowned the Winner, Runners-up and 2nd Runners-up.

Group Stage

  1. Teams compete within three groups (Group A, Group B, and Group C) of five or six teams each.
  2. Each group plays a round-robin tournament, in which each team is scheduled to play once against every other team in the same group.
  3. Total number of games played in each group shall depend on the total number of teams registered in each group and clause 2 above.
  4. The top two teams from each group and the two best-performing third-placed teams advance to the knockout (Quarter-Final) stage.
  5. Points are used to rank the teams within a group. Three for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.
  6. In the case of a tie in table points standing, and/or determining the two third-placed teams to advance to the knockout stages, final positions will be determined by the following, according to the order below, first being Goal Difference:
    • Goal Difference
    • Highest Goals Scored
    • Result/s between both Teams
    • Coin Toss (1st & 2nd)

Knockout Stage

Single-elimination tournament in which teams play each other in one-off matches:

QF1Group A - 1stVSTo be drawn (1 of 2 best third-placed teams)
QF2Group B - 1stVSTo be drawn (1 of 2 best third-placed teams)
QF3Group C - 1stVSGroup A - 2nd
QF4Group B - 2ndVSGroup C - 2nd

Quarter-finals match-ups will be drawn according to the following rules:

  1. Winners of Group A, B, C will be seeded in QF1, 2, 3 respectively, they cannot meet one another in the Quarter-Final stage
  2. Group A and B winners will play one of the 2 third-placed teams.
  3. Group A and B winners cannot play a third-placed team from their own Group.

SF1Winner QF1VSWinner QF4
SF2Winner QF2VSWinner QF3

3rd / 4th Playoff
3rdLoser SF1VSLoser SF2

1stWinner SF1VSWinner SF2

with extra time and a penalty shootout used to decide the winner if necessary. It begins with the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals, the third-place match (contested by the losing semi-finalists), and the final.


  1. Rolling Substitutions are allowed in each match.
  2. Substitutions will be allowed at any time with prior approval and acknowledgement of the Referee.

Caution / Sending-off / Disciplinary issues

  1. Any player who receives 2 cautions (Yellow Card) during the tournament matches shall be suspended for next match.
    • 2 cautions (Yellow Cards) in the same match – suspension for next match
    • 3rd caution after the 2 cautions (Yellow Cards) – suspension for next match
    • 4th caution after the second suspension – Organising Committee shall decide.
  2. Any player who is “sent off” (Red Card) by the referee will be suspended for 2 subsequent matches.
  3. In the case of violent conduct offence by any player in the team, the entire Team will be disqualified from the Tournament.


  1. Teams shall concede a walk-over, if one or both Teams fail to be present 2 minutes after the scheduled time of play. The decision of the Referee will be final.
  2. Ruling -­‐> If any Team concedes a walk-­over during the tournament, 3 points will be awarded to the Team present and/or a score of (3-­‐0) will be recorded in favour of the Team present.
  3. A Team that concedes 2 or more consecutive walk-­overs during their group-stage games will be disqualified and their scores will be recorded as null & void for the entire tournament.
  4. Walk-­over that occurs in between, please refer to Rules & Regulations: Walkover No. 2.


  1. All Players must bring along and show their NRIC / Passport on Registration at the Counter for verification by Tournament Officials or Organising Committee.
  2. The Team Manager/Captain shall undertake the responsibility of
    ensuring the eligibility of their players competing in this tournament.
  3. Any Teams found guilty of fielding unregistered players will be
    disqualified from the tournament immediately.
  4. The Organising Committee may perform random checks on the Players’ eligibility. If Player(s) is/are found ineligible, the team will be disqualified immediately.


  1. Players are to be in proper Football Attire with long socks, boots/shoes & shin pads. (Compulsory).
    Chains and accessories on the players’ body are to be removed prior to your match. Referees will conduct full body inspections before each match.
  2. Players who are not properly attired for the Tournament will not
    be allowed to participate. No Refund will be made.
  3. The first named Team on the schedule shall be the Home Team. The Home Team shall put on the jersey contrast in colour to those of the
  4. Teams must have a minimum of one set of Jerseys. If both teams arrive at a match dressed in Jerseys of the same colour, the home team must change or bibs will be provided.


  1. Team Manager/Captain/Coach is responsible for the proper control and good conduct of his players and supporters. He shall also serve as the Team’s representative in matters pertaining to the tournament.
  2. Players should understand and abide by all the Rules and Regulations of
    the Game and the Tournament.
  3. Players must abide by the decision of the Referees at all times.
  4. Players may be disqualified for breaching any of the above-mentioned Rules.


  1. The Tournament Committee shall only entertain protests put up by the Team Manager/Captain.
    Any protest against the opposing team regarding submission and/or eligibility of players shall be lodged by the Team Manager/Captain during or before the said match. It should be made BEFORE or DURING the match, all protests that come AFTER the result has been finalised will not be entertained.
  2. This should be accompanied by a protest fee of $50.00, which will be forfeited if the protest is invalid.
  3. All question of eligibility, qualification, interpretation of these rules and regulations, as well as all other matters in dispute shall be referred to the Organising Committee. Their decision shall be final.

Matters Not Provided For In The Above Rules

  1. Where there are areas not covered by the above Rules and Regulations, the matters shall be dealt with by the Organising Committee whose decision shall be final.


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