Football boots – Wearing it right

Does choosing the right football boots really matter?

Some players seem to think so while others think it doesn’t – an average player will still be an average player regardless of the top-notch football boots he’s wearing.

While we believe that wearing the right football boots won’t improve or change your football skills and techniques by leaps and bounds, it will certainly aid you for match-day performance and help prevent injuries when playing. If so, then what should you be looking out for in a football boots? PlayPal explores from our featured article ( the 3 key features of a football boots that you should be looking out for and gives our verdict on what we prefer and think works best.


The top segment of your football boots – the part where you use to strike the ball when shooting, should you be going for real leather or synthetic leather? We agree that real leather probably works best as it definitely gives you a better feel and touch to the ball (kind of like playing barefooted from our experience), the feeling that you are one and whole with the ball. However, real leather football boots will come with a heftier price tag and we say if you are budget conscious, just go for the synthetic leather version. With the advance in sports technology and football brands trying to cater to more diverse market segments, synthetic leather boots are catching up with their real leather counterparts and we won’t be surprised if one day the major football brands start selling synthetic leather boots with the exact same feel as the real leather version.


Small but significant. Studs are crucial for ensuring your grip on the pitch and that you do not slip while playing which can result in serious injuries. Unlike the higher-end football boots, the mid to lower-range football boots usually do not offer players the option of replacing the studs after wear and tear. Our take is that if you are playing recreationally or non-competitive most of the time, go for the mid to lower range, they should do just fine.


Always try on, move around and definitely kick a ball or two when testing the football boots in the sports store you are shopping at. You will be thankful you did. Specifically, look out for the size, support and the cutting of the football boots. Just these 3 aspects will go a long way in determining how you execute that dribble, drill the shot towards the goal or outrun the defender. Don’t go for the football boots that’s the most popular, most expensive or that’s worn (advertised) by Messi or Ronaldo. Go for the one that fits you the best.

Favourite football boots

For memory sake, the above football boots is one of our founders’ most beloved – the one that once faithfully served him well as he shackled and tackled opposing strikers in defence.

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