PlayPal App Tutorial


1) How to register using Email?

2) How do I change my password?

3) How do I reset my password?

Player Profile

1) How to add Pal from a Player’s profile?

2) How to view a Player’s reputation on his profile?

3) How to rate a Player’s reputation on his profile?


Team Chat done via “Message Board” in Team Info.

Match Chat done via “Chat” tab in Match Details.

1) How to chat one-to-one?

2) How to start chat in Kickabout?


1) How to search for Users and Kickabouts to add and join respectively?


1) How to create Kickabout and add my Pals in?

2) How to find and join Kickabout?

Create Team

1) How to create team and invite Pals to join?

2) How to cancel Team Invitation to a Pal?

3) How to assign jersey number to a player in my team?

Join Team

1) How to join a Team?

Create Match / Team Challenge

1) What if the Opponent Team’s not in PlayPal, can I still use the app to organise match?

2) How to set up match / team challenge?

Match & Player Stats

1) How to view / edit pre-match info?

2) How to update results & stats for ongoing / completed match?

Player Ratings

1) How to rate players after Match?

2) How to rate players after Kickabout?





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