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PlayPal Rating Feature


Ever wondered what it will be like to put yourself into a Football Manager game? PlayPal allows you to do just that with its rating system!

In Football Manager or other football simulation games, you can often see the players’ attributes, whether they are good technically, strong mentally or physically a beast. You can also see their ratings after each match, and can find out their average ratings over the course of a season. Based on these attributes and ratings, you can then decide on how to use them for matches, or whether you should purchase this player your team has been missing.

In PlayPal, other than being able to create games, and find players for your games, we allow users to rate each other after games! This adds a whole new dimension of fun into it. Using the in-built rating system, not only do users get to rate their buddies, they can also check out how each and everyone of their pals rate them. The result of this is that players can find out from others what areas they are weak in, and put in that extra effort to hone their skills in that department! So, not only is it fun, it also helps to raise one’s game!

So how do we use the rating system in PlayPal? Just follow the simple steps highlighted below!

PlayPal Rating Feature Full Flow

So far, what problems have PlayPal solved for football players?

  • unable to find games? ☑
  • unable to find players for games? ☑
  • not sure what areas of your game to improve on? ☑

Of course, that is not all! Stay tuned for more posts showcasing PlayPal’s features!

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