App Showcase: Ranking Feature

So you played your game of football.

Your pals have been impressed with you. Comments have been coming your way – ‘silky moves’, ‘great dribbling’, ‘deft touches’, ‘thunderous shot’. People are also rating you highly on your attributes in the PlayPal app. You feel good, confidence is high.

But are you really that good? How do you actually rank among the pool of players in Singapore (not just among your Woodlands football pals)?

So what’s next? Fret not, we have it covered. Find out how you fare against the rest using the PlayPal ranking feature!

PlayPal Ranking Feature

With the PlayPal ranking feature, you can find out how good you actually are among the community of footballers in Singapore. PlayPal ranking feature will be based on individual player’s rating for matches and also attributes.

If you are indeed five-star, see whether you make it to our Top 100 list of footballers. Looking for some exceptional players to join your 11-a-side team? Find the top players from the PlayPal ranking and add them as Pals to start chatting and recruiting them to your team. Not convinced that the guy above you in the ranking is really much better than you? Start playing more kickabouts and have people notice and rate you to move up the ranking. We are sure this feature will bring out the best and competitive streak in you!

As we look to introduce PlayPal on a regional basis, you may one day find yourself top-gun not only in Singapore but perhaps Asia!

Getting interested? Download the PlayPal app from Android Google Play and iPhone App Stores now!


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