App Showcase: Pals Feature

The team huddle. Where your football mates and pals gather for the last hurrah on the pitch before the match begins.

Football Pals Team Huddle

Now, a team huddle off the pitch is possible.

PlayPal can help you to track and gather fellow players on a pal list to form a virtual team huddle. To do so, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Use the search function under the menu bar and key in the player’s name or nickname
  2. A list of players matching the name or nickname you have keyed will appear
  3. Look for the player you wish to add as pal and click on the green “+ Pal” button to add this player
  4. This player will be added into your pal list
  5. Now start connecting!

By adding players into your pal list, you are now able to easily keep in touch and contact fellow players at the tip of your fingers. For anything football related, skip Facebook, Meetup or Whatsapp – simply use the pal list on the PlayPal app to reach out!

Search and add pals

Watch your football social circle widen and be the most popular football guy around on the app as your pal list lengthens.

Yet to download the PlayPal app? Do so now from Android Google Play and iPhone App Stores!

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