App Showcase: Expand your football network

Looking for an easier way to find players for your matches or teams? Start expanding your football network today with PlayPal.

With PlayPal, you can search for fellow players and add them to a pal list. This pal list will then be the football network (you can call it angels list if you prefer) you depend on each time you want to source a player for your match or team. We are sure you will appreciate the convenience that this football network within PlayPal brings to you as you fill up the slots.

Here’s the walkthrough on how you can search and add pals to widen your football network within PlayPal:

  • Use the search function under the menu bar and key in the player’s name or nickname
  • Click on the player matching your search criteria

Football Network 1

Football Network 2

  • You will be directed to the profile of the player
  • Click on the gearbox at the top right of the player’s profile


  • Chose “+Pal” button to send a pal request to the player
  • Wait for the player to accept your pal request




Once your pal request has been accepted, your football network would just have expanded. :)

With this pal list, you are now able to directly invite players from this list to the “Reserved” and “Vacant” slots of the football games you have created on the app. The more players on your pal list, the more choices you have for who you want to invite for your match or team. Also, do remember that there is no limit to the number of players you can have on your pal list. Hence, start adding your football pals now! The more the merrier!

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