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Running on a hectic schedule with too many tasks and deadlines? Calendar’s so packed that you can’t even recall when your next event is? Will your game of football take a backseat? Not with PlayPal.

Family, work and school. For most of us, these commitments take up the bulk of our time. Sometimes, things can get alittle too busy such that we forget about (or even forgo) our sports and leisure activities, including football. We realize that many football enthusiasts face this problem and hence have incorporated calendar sync into PlayPal.

Calendar sync allows for your PlayPal games to be scheduled onto your mobile phone calendar (both Android and iPhones). You can also set reminders using PlayPal to receive notifications of impending football games that are synced to your phone calendar. We wouldn’t exactly call it a revolutionary or breakthrough feature, but we do feel that this simple and tidy feature will help alot in ensuring you get your fix of football games and maintaining the balanced lifestyle you always wanted.

There are 2 ways for you to sync your PlayPal games onto your mobile phone’s calendar. Here’s how it works:

Method 1

  • Proceed to menu and select “Settings”.

Calendar Method 1 - 1

  • Under “Sync Settings”, you will see “Automatic Calendar Sync” which has been by default toggled to off.

Cal Method 1 - 2

  • Now just click on the “Automatic Calendar Sync” button to toggle it on. All your PlayPal games will now be synced to your phone calendar.

Cal Method 1 - 3

Method 2

  • Proceed to menu and select “My Games”.

Calender Method 2 - 1

  • Your list of games will show up and you will see that for each game, there will be a calendar icon at the bottom right corner of the game box. If the calendar icon is grey, this game has not been synced to your phone calendar. But if it’s green, this game has already been synced to your phone.

Calender Method 2 - 2

  •  Now click on the grey calendar icon and select “Yes” when prompted to sync the game to your phone calendar.

Cal Method 2 - 3

  • You will then receive a message indicating the successful sync status and also a tip to toggle the “Automatic Calendar Sync” on under “Settings” if you wish to.

Cal Method 2 - 4

  • Now check out the calendar icon again at the bottom right corner of the game box again. You should be able to see that it is now green indicating that this game has been synced to your phone calendar.

 Cal Method 2 - 5.

What it will look like in your phone calendar for both methods

Sync Final

Set Reminder

Once you have synced your football games, PlayPal will send you reminders on your upcoming football games as reminders have by default been toggled on. However if you wish to toggle it off (we hope you don’t) or just change the reminder duration, here’s how to do it:

  • Proceed to menu and select “Settings”.

Calendar Method 1 - 1

  • Under “Sync Settings”, look out for “Set Reminder” button and click on it to toggle it on or off.

Cal Method 1 - 3

  • For “Reminder Duration”, the default is 2 hours – meaning you will receive a reminder on your phone 2 hours before your game starts. To change this, just click on this field and select from a range of 15 minutes to 1 day for the reminder duration that most suits you.

Cal Method 1 - 4


So there you have it, our guide on how to never miss a football game again with PlayPal! We hope we have convinced you on how PlayPal can help bring football into your life and if you are, start creating games or simply look for one on PlayPal to get your football action!

For those of you who have yet to download PlayPal, do so now from Android Google Play and iPhone App Stores!









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