App Showcase: Toggle available for football games

Organizing football games can be painful. It’s okay to organize them from time to time but you don’t want to do it all the time.

Finding and booking the pitch can be a chore. Looking for players to form a team for your 11-a-side game is tedious. Ensuring that they turn up could also end up being very challenging. Sometimes, all you want to do is wait for the football games to find you instead of you organizing them. If you have been thinking about this before, then you will like the toggle available status feature in PlayPal.

Football Games Availability

The toggle available status in PlayPal allows you to be searchable by other Users who have created their football games in the app and are looking for players. This is what we call letting the football games come to you instead of you finding them, here’s how you can do it.

  • Login to PlayPal
  • Click on the menu bar at the top left hand corner
  • Scroll down to check your “Status” bar. It should either reflect Green (default setting) or Red as shown:

Football Availability 2

Football Availability 1

  • If your “Status” bar is Green, you are already searchable and all set to let the football games find you
  • If your “Status” bar is Red, click on it to go into “Settings”
  • Under “Settings”, look for the “Status Settings” section to toggle on your “Status Availability”

Football Availability 3

  • You should see a message prompting that you are now searchable by football games (by Users who have created the football games).

Football Availability 4

Now simply lace up your football gears and wait for notifications inviting you to football games. You never know what surprises you may find when you join a football game that finds you – see video below!





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